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After spending most of my 20's with my nose in the books, I decided to pick up a manual camera "just to see" if I could figure out how to use it.  Fast-forward a hand full of years and here we are!  I guess you could say I figured it out and became obsessed with capturing every fleeting moment I possibly could. 

If there is one thing that influences my life on a daily basis, it is that I know change and growth are imminent.  Living the milspo (military spouse) life has helped me to recognize that life is fluid, so capturing the here and now is more essential than ever.

hello. I'm mandalyn.

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I've often heard people say, "now is not the right time."  And, while that may be true for some things, it's never true for photography.
Photography creates an emotional connection; a reminder of what once was. I strive to preserve not only the fleeting moments in which photos were taken, but also the emotions of that very instance, forever.

I love portraits, travel, and street photography for one reason: they tell an unforgettable story in a visual way.  When you look at a photo I've taken, I hope you feel like you're right there inside of the image. 

I believe there's no better time than right now

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