Can you believe this is winter in Sicily?  It’s true! The orange groves are one of Sicily’s most loved features. They bring such vibrancy and color to the “winter” months. They are also quite a tasty treat. So, it was no surprise when Britton told me she wanted family portraits taken in one.

If there is one word I could use to describe this family and these photos, it would be FUN!  We really enjoyed checking out all of the different varieties of oranges and even watching dad juggle them!! There was even an incredible view of Mt. Etna in the background!! How could you better encapsulate Sicily in one photo? I’m not really sure it’s possible!

The Young Family | Sicilian Orchard Portraits

Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-83.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-76.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-26.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-23.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-27.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-36.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-13.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-70.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-5.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-82.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-75.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-15.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-80.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-56.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-6.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-53.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-44.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-47.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-49.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-64.jpg
Young Family Orchard Session - Mandalyn Renee Photography-66.jpg

I first met Stephanie, Will, and Hadley through a mini session giveaway (look how LITTLE Hadley was!) I have to say, that was the best thing I’ve ever given away because it’s led to a really great friendship and more sessions with this stunning family! Stephanie and Will are like-minded people and we always have so much fun when working together (or hanging out)! They also always show up looking like they stepped out from a magazine, so I obviously have no qualms with that.

For this session, the Clarks selected a park setting with a side of Sicilian gelato! Hadley was a big fan of both, but was especially fond of the gelato. She had so much fun, her mom reported she passed out shortly after getting in the car. I can’t say blame her!

Stephanie and Will, thanks so much for having me!! It’s ALWAYS a pleasure. I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

Clark Family | Holiday Park Session

Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-2.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-5.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-4.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-9.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-12.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-15.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-72.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-70.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-61.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-28.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-50.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-49.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-51.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-92.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-81.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-82.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-91.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-88.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-86.jpg
Clarks Holiday Sesh_Mandalyn Renee-95.jpg

It’s been almost a year since I’ve visited this beach and now I’m really questioning why it’s been so long. When LaQueto told me her vision for family photos, I knew exactly where we could go!

LaQueto, Troy, and Addison are the sweetest little family! Addison loved playing in the sand, watching the airplanes fly overhead and THE WATER!! She was sooo into it, everyone took a little dip!

Take a peek at her adorable little giggle face and her doting parents below. LaQueto and Troy, thank you!!!! It was truly a pleasure to work with you all.

Houston Family | Whimsical Beach Family Session


When Amber contacted me about a family session, she knew exactly where they wanted to have their photos taken – a rocky beach.  And luckily, I had just the place in mind!  As Ryan remarked during the session, this place looks like the Amalfi Coast of Sicily.  I had never thought about it that way before, but he was right!!

We met just an hour or so before sunset and had a great time hopping around on the rocks together.  The boys showed me their best superhero poses and each one got to pick where they wanted to take a photo with their family.  I can truly say, the Albano family has such a great sense of humor and knows how to have fun!!

Amber and Ryan, I hope you guys love the photos! We had such a great time with you and the babes 🙂

Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-149.jpg

Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-151.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-164.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-161.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-138.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-139.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-115.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-105.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-148.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-114.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-135.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-159.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-134.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-144.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-128.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-118.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-101.jpg
Albano Family Session_MRPhotography-100.jpg

It’s possible the Gilmores are the best dressed family I have ever had the pleasure of working with! As soon as I stepped out of my car, I knew it was going to be one of my favorite sessions, because they looked like they just stepped out of a magazine. Talk about a photographer’s dream!

Not only did this family have impeccable style, but they were also so sweet and incredibly kind. Erica and Richard shared lots of laughs (especially towards the end), which made our time together even more special. We had a lot of fun exploring the rocky Sicilian coast while hanging out with baby Ezra. Is he not the most handsome baby you have ever seen?!

Once baby Ezra was tired, mom and dad continued with the shoot until we literally ran out of light. I really hope this isn’t the last time I’ll have the honor of working with this family!! Erica and Richard, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your beautiful family!!

Gilmore Family | Whimsical Sicilian Castle Session

Occasionally, I write a bittersweet post. If you haven’t already guessed, this is one of them. The thing about living the military lifestyle is that a lot of people come in and out of your life. When you meet really great people, you get excited for the friendship. But, you know that your time together is only temporary.

When we moved to Sicily, we had our sponsors (turned friends) select our house for us so we could move right in upon arrival. The home they picked for us just so happened to be right next door to the DeMauros. We got lucky. The very next day, these people were on our doorstep with dinner. We were so thankful, as we had not had a hot meal in a few days and didn’t have a car to go out and get one ourselves.

Over the year and a half that we have lived here, the DeMauros have fed us more times than I can count. We have babysat their children (yes, you read that right. I was in charge of a child and it survived). And we have taken a day trip or two. We’ve hung out at birthday parties and had some serious discussions about life. It’s honestly been a comfort to know that they were right next door, as we know we can count on them in any time of need. They have been not only great neighbors, but also great friends.

We are incredibly sad that the DeMauros’ time in Sicily will be up soon. I am so thankful that they were able to make time for one last photo session before heading back to the States.

Amanda and Adam, we will miss you guys and your beautiful babies. I will certainly miss Atti yelling, “Hey, Madalyn!! Watch this!” And, “See you later, crocodile!” And, Alba’s sweet hugs and rebel child style. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. We love you!

DeMauro Family | Sicilian Fiat Family Session

DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-103.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-100.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-108.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-85.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-89.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-98.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-65.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-32.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-49.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-47.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-50.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-54.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-57.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-70.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-58.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-75.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-79.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-31.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-80.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-111.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-115.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-120.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-27.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-95.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-8.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-7.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-17.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-10.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-25.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-22.jpg
DeMauros Fiat Family Session_Mandalyn Renee-44.jpg

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Plankenhorns and I met up for Kristina’s maternity portrait session in Brucoli. Just a few weeks after our June maternity session, baby Niels was born!

In August, I had the honor of visiting the Plankenhorns in their beautiful home for a few lifestyle newborn photos. It was important to them to incorporate the whole family, including mom, dad, and brother Fynn. So, we did just that! Everyone hung out in the living room and oohed and ahhed over the little Niels while I snapped away.

Falk and Kristina, Niels is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home and trusting me to photograph your little family.

Plankenhorn | Lifestyle Newborn


The biggest compliment you can get as a photographer is having another photographer ask you to photograph them!  Stephanie is another photographer here in Sigonella who I’ve photographed a couple of times before.  If you follow along with my blog, then you may remember Stephanie, Will, and their adorable daughter Hadley from our Veteran’s Day mini session back in the fall!

To be completely honest, I photographed the Clark family only YESTERDAY, but was so in love with the photos that I had to edit the entire session TODAY.  I just couldn’t wait. One of the things I connect with is humor, as I dearly love to laugh.  The Clark’s session was not even a little bit short on laughs!  I know I had an incredible amount of fun capturing their love for one another.  I hope they did too! 

Check out the images from the Clark’s Sicilian vineyard family session below.  I promise, their happiness is contagious!  

Thanks for having me Stephanie and Will!  Can’t wait for next time!!!

The Clarks | Sicilian Vineyard Family Session

Clarks Murgo Family Session-11.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-30.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-25.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-10.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-21.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-32.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-29.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-17.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-33.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-36.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-7.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-67.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-64.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-56.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-60.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-52.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-46.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-48.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-69.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-45.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-76.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-42.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-75.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-80.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-73.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-77.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-85.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-83.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-87.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-88.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-96.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-90.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-105.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-94.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-95.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-101.jpg
Clarks Murgo Family Session-106.jpg

One of my favorite things about returning clients, is getting to see their families grow! I first met the Plankenhorns back in the fall for a holiday family photoshoot. Little Fynn was the cutest – playing in the sand and building forts with sticks.  Fast forward to last month, Falk contacted me to let me know Kristina was EXPECTING!!!!  They wanted to know if I had any availability for an east coast Sicily maternity sesssion.  Even though my calendar has been packed all year, I absolutely couldn’t say no!!  

Falk mentioned they wanted to incorporate Etna into their maternity shoot. Despite our first perspective location falling through, we were still able to incorporate her beauty with the extra added perk of a gorgeous sunset. 

One of the things that really gave me all the feels from this shoot, was the inclusion of a very special artifact – a gift from Fynn to his future baby brother.  Scroll to the bottom to see what little present he picked out!!


The Plakenhorns | East Coast Sicily Maternity Session

Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0109.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0106.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0107.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0103.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0108.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0102.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0098.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0095.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0097.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0099.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0096.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0094.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0093.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0092.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0089.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0087.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0104.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0085.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0088.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0083.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0084.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0101.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0090.jpg
Brucoli Sicily Maternity_0110.jpg

I feel like it was just yesterday that Brit confided in me that she was pregnant.  If you remember back to their gorgeous beachfront gender reveal in November, Brit and Adrian announced how thrilled they were to be expecting a little GIRL! Well, days, weeks and months have passed and their little girl is finally here!!

I was incredibly honored to be invited into their home to photograph their little love just a few weeks after they brought her home from the hospital.  I love newborn lifestyle sessions because little tiny babies are just SO cute!!!  She was no exception and slept the entire time as she was being doted upon by all. What can I say? Little Viv has the best and most loving parents and I can’t wait to watch her grow.

See a few snaps from our time together down below.  Thank you so much to Brit, Adrian, and Viv for having me.

World, meet Vivienne Marie!

Vivienne Marie | Lifestyle Newborn


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