Ten Things I’ve Learned While Living in Sicily | Travel

  1. Arin Vickers says:

    Beautiful photos and great descriptions of the local culture and ways of life! PCSing in soon and have been looking for true opinions/explanations of the island.

  2. Mandalyn Gilles says:

    Congratulations on your PCS, Arin!! Sicily has it’s quirks like any other place, but I certainly do love it here. I hope you found this post helpful and I’ll try to write more like it in the future 😉

  3. Mark DiTerlizzi says:

    We have a house in Modica, Sicily but are sad we can’t go there now.

    • Mandalyn Gilles says:

      That is super sad. I hope you will be able to go soon. Modica is such a beautiful town; I know you must miss it.

  4. Mario Sammut says:

    Nice fotos, I love Sicily too, visited several times. The food is great and also the atmosphere. I would consider living there too when I retire.

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